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The Last Post Ever

So I started a new blog. Yet again.

I always planned on revamping this blog with a sweet design, a tweaked focus, and a schedule for posts. It turns out that when I do those things, it means I launched a new blog. Go figure.

This means that this blog is dead. I’ll keep it around, just no new posts here. If you would like to follow along, check out Designing 4 Life and consider subscribing there.

Designing 4 Life is a place to pursue your personal style, learn tricks in the kitchen, fall in love with the universe, learn how to make your own bath products, and so much more! Follow me on this crazy wonderful adventure and learn how to live simply, naturally, and creatively. Design your life, and keep it colorful! Designing 4 Life is divided into 5 categories: How-To, At Home, Be Healthy, Inspiration, & Wanderlust.


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Missouri Moving & Pinky

Being without internet for a whole week sure can take a toll on the email inbox and blogging! Whew, that was one big move we just did. Now, finally I am relaxing on our comfy couch, with internet, finally getting a blog post up.

What else is on this busy gal’s to-do list?

Well, an assortment of things. My #1 priority is meeting up with friends and family I haven’t seen in a while. #2 is applying to jobs here locally. #3 is catching up with emails. #4 is finishing the unpacking process and beginning to organize all of our stuff (yard sale is definitely happening this summer!). #5 is finishing some silly paperwork like changing our address, paying bills, etc.

So exciting, I know.

Here’s some excitement, though. I found a bike on Craigslist, and bought it! Meet Pinky:

She’s in pieces, but I’m going to put her together as soon as the parts come in. Sweet! I’m excited, can you tell?

Talk soon,


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So Long, Canada

It’s official. Moving day is here! I am currently on my way back home to Missouri. I have already made a list of things I will really miss about Vancouver, and I thought it would be a good idea to list things I’ve missed about Missouri while in Canada.

Here it is:

  • JCrew
  • Netflix
  • Old friends
  • Anthropologie
  • Air conditioning
  • Frequent road trips
  • Owning, not renting
  • Alcohol at grocery stores
  • Using credit cards online
  • (.ca is horrible)
  • Being a citizen (less paperwork)
  • A yard (for our dog and a garden)
  • Having a car (for the weekend trips)
  • Less expensive food (everything’s cheaper in general)
  • Not having to share a building with neighbors (turn up the tunes!)

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Back to Springfield

I am getting really excited about the move back to Springfield, Missouri. Here are a few things I am looking forward to:

photo courtesy of Big Smile

  1. Reconnecting with loved ones! The photo above was taken at our wedding in 2008.
  2. Becoming involved in the local community. Specifically I am looking forward to connecting with the USGBC Missouri Heartland Chapter, Young Architects Forum, Springbike Bicycle Club, AIA Springfield, and Habitat for Humanity. I’m sure I can keep busy with this group of people, and hopefully find opportunities to learn, grow, create, and help!
  3. The challenge of staying mostly car-free is a big one. Here in Vancouver, we didn’t bring our car up as we knew it wouldn’t be necessary in this highly livable city. We walk everywhere, use the bus frequently, and bike occasionally. In Springfield, biking will be our main form of transportation, even though we have a car. I am on the market for a quality commuter bike! Any recommendations?
  4. Getting a cellphone (specifically a fancy, shmansy iPhone) with all the trimmings. I have been using Skype and a pay-as-you-go phone here in Canada, as I did not want to sign a long-term contract since we were here for a short period of time (almost 2 years). I’m looking forward to using an iPhone as a multitasking, organizing, connecting tool and exploring the variety of apps!

There is a longer list coming up with less talk, more bullet-points. It will be posted the day of our move, the 15th!

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Change and Architecture

As I begin the move back to the States (down to five days!), it brings up the fact that things are constantly changing. I generally like change (or maybe just moving), as it keeps me from hoarding stuff, creates a fresh perspective, and I get to rearrange furniture!

So, everything is changing, right? What about the perspective of architecture? Most things in the world change at a much faster rate than buildings. Buildings stay pretty much the same for years. Now, don’t get me wrong, many things change in buildings – fixtures, windows, flooring, furniture, inhabitants, etc. At this very moment, plumbers are sawing through the drywall in our hallway to change out the plumbing for the whole building. That is most definitely change. I’m talking about the core structure: the foundation and bones of the building. Those things are going nowhere until some serious damage is made, either consciously or by accident.

Let’s bring in a metaphor. A tree is constantly changing, photosynthesizing, growing, dying. Once the seed sprouts, the young tree will be in the same place, changing the environment around itself. The tree trunk is going nowhere. It will be in the exact same place for hundreds of years. Even after it dies, the trunk will stay in place for many years before it finally disintegrates.

For those of you who actually have a job designing something that will actually be built, here are my thoughts. The tree trunk, that foundation you are designing, is permanent in the perspective of our generation. You’re making something significant happen that will change your surroundings for a very long time. Keep that in mind as you edit construction documents. Hopefully someday when I am in a position of designing actual buildings, I will remember this post. After all, that’s why I am drawn to a career in architecture. Architects build environments and we can literally change the world around us. So, let’s change our surroundings to be something proud of. Don’t just create significant change, but change that is significant.

I hope this post doesn’t come off as ignorant or utopian, but I felt compelled to say something to my future self, as a reminder of why I worked so hard. Today I formed an opinion about design, and showed you a little insight into my philosophy on architecture. Again, it is always changing. Join the conversation.

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