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Bowen Island Findings

We have friends who live on Bowen Island,  and they invited everyone out last weekend. Here is some eye candy for those who have thought about visiting or living in the Pacific Northwest.

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Thursday Things

Well hello there, July! I apologize for the huge length of time between posts. I cannot promise it won’t happen again, but I will do my best. And now to the meaning of this post…

A list of some wonderful things from this week in no particular order…

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Architorture and Collections

Amanda in studio, photo by Anna from Urban Gardener

Prompt 8: Inside Joke

This one may not be funny, because it is true. But it is an inside joke for all architecture students. Ahhh, some comic relief is necessary when you know you aren’t going to make the deadline even though you haven’t slept in a week. Also, everything is funnier at 4am. The beauty of Studio is that you can still socialize with classmates while finishing a wall section. Read the rest of this entry »

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Connections and Feeling Busy

Just now I am discovering where all of the designers are hanging out, where to network, and how to meet new people in Vancouver. This really rang true at the Pecha Kucha Night, as many presenters had all sorts of design events they organize. How did I not know about them until now?

So, Prompt 6 for the Journal Challenge was a perfect time to conclude some of my thoughts on my introverted personality.

Prompt 6: Time for…

The thing about moving back to Missouri is that I know people. Important people. And I even have the potential to become one of the organizers to create networking events such as a Pecha Kucha Night. Moving somewhere where you know absolutely no one is daunting. I quickly was welcomed into the UBC Philosophy crowd (thanks to my husband), but I still haven’t met someone in the design industry, until Pecha Kucha Night. Read the rest of this entry »

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Picking Up the Pace

Phew! It seems that when I start getting busy with one thing that demands my time, everything else in my life gets busy as well. Currently I am juggling a very active social life, working on a new website for a friend, packing for the move in a few weeks, the Socio Competition, the Journal Challenge, and the sun keeps tempting me to get to the beach. Not to worry, though, as I thrive in a busy environment. My productivity soars when I’m super busy, as I have the momentum to keep going without down-time. My system is to store months of down-time so when a busy month comes along, I am all rested and ready to go. Read the rest of this entry »

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