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Missouri Moving & Pinky

Being without internet for a whole week sure can take a toll on the email inbox and blogging! Whew, that was one big move we just did. Now, finally I am relaxing on our comfy couch, with internet, finally getting a blog post up.

What else is on this busy gal’s to-do list?

Well, an assortment of things. My #1 priority is meeting up with friends and family I haven’t seen in a while. #2 is applying to jobs here locally. #3 is catching up with emails. #4 is finishing the unpacking process and beginning to organize all of our stuff (yard sale is definitely happening this summer!). #5 is finishing some silly paperwork like changing our address, paying bills, etc.

So exciting, I know.

Here’s some excitement, though. I found a bike on Craigslist, and bought it! Meet Pinky:

She’s in pieces, but I’m going to put her together as soon as the parts come in. Sweet! I’m excited, can you tell?

Talk soon,


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