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Thursday Things

Well hello there, July! I apologize for the huge length of time between posts. I cannot promise it won’t happen again, but I will do my best. And now to the meaning of this post…

A list of some wonderful things from this week in no particular order…

  • About 5 minutes ago I sold my bike! She was cute and fun, but it simply wasn’t going to last. After the move, I hope to put the money towards a newer commuter bike to try and stay mostly car-free. It will be a challenge in Missouri, but there are so many good reasons to bike. I will have a more lengthy post on this subject alone, coming soon!
  • Vanity Fair held a survey, for Starchitects, on their favorite buildings. It’s an epic list that I will refer to often.
  • Here in Vancouver summer has finally arrived. Sticky, no AC, beach-going, sunburnt shoulders, fan on high, shorts, frozen drinks kinda hot. I love it.
  • My husband (nickname: Bear, from here on out), is on a three day hike on the  Juan de Fuca trail over on Vancouver Island. One last hurrah with the boys before we leave. I miss him. And I’m kinda jealous.
  • I signed up for a free online watercolor class, and you can, too!
  • I feel so restless with these blank walls and bookshelves with nothing on them. It’s an especially lonely feeling when all I have is a yorkie to keep me company. We’re down to one week away from moving day.
  • I’m finally reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond and I recommend that you do, too. It’s really good.
  • Really liking this blog, Casa e Cose, which happens to have the same WordPress theme as me. Hey, it’s free.
  • Ulysses the dog, not the book, is my house guest for the next three days. He keeps Buster and I company.


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