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Picking Up the Pace

Phew! It seems that when I start getting busy with one thing that demands my time, everything else in my life gets busy as well. Currently I am juggling a very active social life, working on a new website for a friend, packing for the move in a few weeks, the Socio Competition, the Journal Challenge, and the sun keeps tempting me to get to the beach. Not to worry, though, as I thrive in a busy environment. My productivity soars when I’m super busy, as I have the momentum to keep going without down-time. My system is to store months of down-time so when a busy month comes along, I am all rested and ready to go.

Lately I have been working in my living room as there is a nice view. I was starting to get carpel tunnel in my right hand from overusing my track pad, and had to create a workspace to include my mouse. This feels much better:

I just sent off my first entry to the Socio 2010 Monthly Vignette Competition, “Imprinting Time on Architecture”. Talk about leaving up to the last minute! I decided to submit my favorite photograph from my thesis project instead of a design. The contest is open to art, photography, or design. I won’t be posting the entry here just yet, as the competition should be anonymous. As this is a public site, I don’t want to chance the possibility of being disqualified. After July 9th, I can post it here, as the winner will be announced.

Expect numerous posts of my sketchbook, as I am finally catching up on the 30 Day Journal Challenge!


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