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Connections and Feeling Busy

Just now I am discovering where all of the designers are hanging out, where to network, and how to meet new people in Vancouver. This really rang true at the Pecha Kucha Night, as many presenters had all sorts of design events they organize. How did I not know about them until now?

So, Prompt 6 for the Journal Challenge was a perfect time to conclude some of my thoughts on my introverted personality.

Prompt 6: Time for…

The thing about moving back to Missouri is that I know people. Important people. And I even have the potential to become one of the organizers to create networking events such as a Pecha Kucha Night. Moving somewhere where you know absolutely no one is daunting. I quickly was welcomed into the UBC Philosophy crowd (thanks to my husband), but I still haven’t met someone in the design industry, until Pecha Kucha Night.

(Meaning: network, connect with people, and make good conclusions to lessons learned the past few years outside of the design community.)

I would like to take this opportunity to learn an important lesson. The next time I move somewhere, I will have to be super proactive and even become extroverted (the opposite of my personality, I’m super shy!). Networking is key, especially when trying to find a job. Sending a resume to a job posting online is nothing compared to face time and having a personal connection with a firm.

Time to connect the dots: go to as many design events as possible, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, and the whole being shy business has to stop. Lesson learned. Thanks Vancouver!

Prompt 7: How are you feeling?

My mantra lately has been: “A few boxes a day keeps the moving blues away!” As our moving date gets closer and closer, things are picking up in all areas of my life. We are trying to get to all of the places in Vancouver that we love, and new ones we have yet to see before we leave for good. We are hanging out with our friends here as much as possible before we leave, also. On top of all of this is design competitions, this journal challenge, and some freelance design work. So, I’m feeling pretty busy!

Speaking of being busy, I apologize for being so behind on these journal entries. I kind of like doing a bunch of journal entries all at once, even though that’s not the point.


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One Response

  1. cindy shannon says:

    Hmmmmm . . . . something your mother has told you/taught you in marketing class . . . they say as your child gets older you get smarter 🙂

    Tires being changed on your moving truck, guys checking all parts of said truck getting it ready for the big trip–We Love You!!

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