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Architorture and Collections

Amanda in studio, photo by Anna from Urban Gardener

Prompt 8: Inside Joke

This one may not be funny, because it is true. But it is an inside joke for all architecture students. Ahhh, some comic relief is necessary when you know you aren’t going to make the deadline even though you haven’t slept in a week. Also, everything is funnier at 4am. The beauty of Studio is that you can still socialize with classmates while finishing a wall section.

Let me quote the Urban Dictionary definition here:

“Architorture: Slang term for the major of “Architecture” at most universities that offer the degree in the United States.”

Here’s another good definition: “The study of building and design – while testing the limits of the mind, body, and soul.” -Ryerson’s University’s ACU bulletin board

I am skipping Prompt 9.

Prompt 10: Collections

I unintentionally have a collection of sketchbooks, writing utensils, erasers, and scarves.


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