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Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver #12

Last night was wonderful. I finally found out where all of the cool kids hang out here in Vancouver. It was not only a fun-filled evening, but packed with knowledgeable presenters and inspirational stories.

One thing about me that could be very obvious on this blog is how I love to put things in lists. Lists are a great organizing tool that is easy, quick, and great to refer back to when needed. And here’s another…

My favorite presenters:

  1. Mark Holland
    Senior Planner – HB Lanarc
  2. Preet Bal, Manmeet Poonam Sandhu
    Sandhog Creations Society
  3. Eesmyal Santos-Brault
    Director – The Hive

Soon the Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver website should have the video up of all of the presentations, so you can also enjoy them if you were not able to make it!

Here is a visual representation of the evening’s festivities:

Check out more on my Flickr set (CLICK HERE).

(P.S. I was going to sketch the 6 journal entries I’m behind on today, but the sun’s out and I’m going to the beach. I could sketch at the beach, but I require a flat surface, ruler, various writing utensils, and good lighting, which the beach may or may not have. So, tomorrow hopefully I will catch up and share my latest work with you.)


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