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Favorite Websites

The theme for today’s yesterday’s 30 Day Journal Challenge is was to make a list of your favorite blogs. I decided not to list them in my sketchbook, but the exercise is still a fantastic idea.

I follow many blogs that I love, but there are also other places on the internet I frequent. As you may have noticed, the two right columns on my blog are filled with links. I wanted to go over some of them today, and highlight my favorite places on the internet. I have grouped them into three categories: Blogs, Resources, and Social Media.



Social Media:

  • architizer (the facebook for architects)*
  • linked in (for professional connections online)*
  • pinterest (brand new, image-based inspiration collection)*

*Remember, to see my personal profile for these websites, simply look to the right for the buttons to connect you to my profile.

Note that this is a short list, and there are others I chose to leave out that I still find wonderful (check out Links 2 Love to the right). I also enjoy food blogs, but I wanted to narrow the focus to design-based sites.

There is my list (for now)! Start clicking, dear readers!

What are your favorite places on the internet?


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2 Responses

  1. Paul Sciarra says:

    Thanks for the Pinterest mention. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just drop me a note at paul [at] pinterest [dot] com.

    Also, if you’re interested in trying out our brand-new, alpha WordPress plugin, I can send you an advance copy. It shows the most-recent pins added to your Pinterest boards.

  2. Thanks so much, Paul. I am really enjoying Pinterest, and happy to recommend the site!

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