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Day 3-4

Day 3: A Person You Love

Today’s prompt was a bit tough for me. First of all, I normally sketch buildings and objects. Drawing a person is a challenge for me, as I find the drawing ends up looking nothing like the subject. I gave it a go anyway, and I’m not too embarrassed to post it here.

Obviously I chose someone very close to me, my husband. Click to read more to see how the drawing turned out, as well as see my Day 4 entry.


to laugh

to love

to learn

to explore and discover

…is to be with you.

You are my Bear, and I yours.”

Day 4: What Does Your Heart Look Like?

I realize this journal challenge doesn’t have a lot to do with architecture, but I consider it a great tool to get out my sketchbook and discover something new along the way. This prompt, about the heart, was an interesting one. Abstract, conceptual drawing here I come!

“My heart is…

ever growing

ever changing

ever breaking

ever hoping

ever crying”

I didn’t really take too much thought into the concept, and just started drawing. It may come across cheesy, but I quite like the results. What do you think? Do you sketch or journal? I would love to know any thoughts you might have.

I encourage you to leave a reply… anything… Bueller? Am I talking to myself?


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5 Responses

  1. cindy shannon says:

    Love them you creative woman you! Counting down the days til you’re here. Luv Mom

  2. lunaleska says:

    Wow.. I love your pages!! I am also taking the challenge [which is where I got your blog] Our pages are so different! Yours is so clean cut and pretty, mine is messy, colorful and odd! But that’s what make life so awesome, diversity! I am in love with diversity! I can’t wait to see the rest of your pages!

  3. A.J. says:

    Thanks bearlove!

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