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Day 2: Favorite Part of the Day

Lately, here in Vancouver, it has been cloudy. Basically all the time. It’s horrible. Why live next to the ocean, a few blocks from the beach, if the sun rarely comes out?

But it makes me appreciate when the clouds aren’t there. Every once in a while, the clouds will part and the sun will come out. This is when I fall in love with Vancouver all over again. It’s wonderful.

Last post I forgot to mention that I’m 3 days behind on the 30 Day Journal Challenge. I just found out about it today. So, I started with the first two, and hopefully I will catch up tomorrow!

This topic, on a day like today, for the challenge is a pretty easy one.

“The favorite part of my day is when the clouds part and let the sunshine through”

Come out sun! I miss you!


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