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Function, Form, Thought, and Representation

Off-line I am reading some of Louis Sullivan’s writing on his architectural theory. Specifically Kindergarten Chats.

Here are a few quotes that spoke to me:

XIII. Function and Form (2) “What characterizes a real architect? First of all a poetic imagination; second a broad sympathy, humane character, common sense, and a thoroughly disciplined mind; third, a perfected technique; and, finally, an abundant and gracious gift of expression.”

XIV. Growth and Decay “As a man whose feet are on the earth, whose brain is keyed to the ceaseless song of his kind: how sees the past with kindly eye, who sees the future in a kindling vision: as a man who wills to create: So shall our art be. For to live, wholly to live, is the manifest consummation of existence.”

XV. Thought “Creative thinking must be done without words. When the mind is actively and vitally at work, for its own creative uses, it has no time for word building: words are too clumsy: you have no time to select and group them. Hence you must think in terms of images, of pictures, of states of feeling, of rhythm.”

Speaking of images, here’s a video that I am loving now found via Zeitgeist Studios.


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2 Responses

  1. Josh J says:

    That sounds like a really interesting book. I shall have to check it out sometime. The first quote ties into my own thoughts on the subject. Cool video too (though, I must admit … the ending was a little … um … I think trite).

  2. Agreed, about the end of the video… but still worth the watch.

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