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Imprinting Time on Architecture

For the first vignette of a series in the Socio Design Foundation Competition 2010, I have been exploring a concept that I would like to document and share here. I gladly welcome constructive criticism, or any feedback at all!

“Can you distill your ideas into a single vignette?” We shall see… The project isn’t due until June 25, so I have time to create some watercolors and/or Sketchup renderings for the final image. Right now I am working in ink, sketching out different designs.

This month is called “Imprinting Time on Architecture” and I intend to design an architectural sculpture to create an experience that heightens our awareness of the passing of time. Here are some bullet points I am working with so far:

  • Human interaction
  • Natural growth/destruction
  • Defining a moment
  • An act of reflection (past/present/future)
  • Imprinting time on ourselves

By literally imprinting “time” on architecture, the inhabitant has lost herself in the experience. This time lapse that takes place will never happen again, nor can she receive the time back. The act of drawing on a wall has imprinted time on us. The interaction between building and human defines a moment, and in that moment that’s all that matters. Also, without the regular maintenance for the building, we allow it to slowly decay as natural growth deconstructs the architecture.

So, right now you can see my concept is still pretty vast and not well defined yet. This is a hard title to work with, I have found. Basically, I am hammering out my ideas here so they can develop and be more defined as I move along in the design process. I really want  the design to explain itself and not have any words on the final board.


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