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Something New

Last week was no fun. Hope and positive looks to the future were gone. Job boards were bleak, no responses from any place I applied (just 12 firms, and posted my resume/portfolio online everywhere). Where was I going to be in the next few months? It seemed my future was open to so many options, but the doors I wanted to enter were closed.

What do I want to do? Design! Well, I figured out all by myself 😉 that I can do that without a “boss” or a “project” assigned to me. I can challenge myself. I have so many Projects now to get started on, and many resources to help along the way. What are these mystery projects, you say?

Project #1: This wonderful, new blog! I now have a place to share my opinions, post inspirations, and work through design problems. I hope you will join in on the conversation.

Project #2: Socio Design Foundation‘s 2010 Monthly Vignette Competition ($15 each, $100 prize each month)

  • June – Imprinting Time on Architecture
  • July – 1,000 Year Space: Designing to Last through the Next Civilization
  • August – Walking Towards: Respite along a Pilgrimage
  • September – The New Bank: After the Great Recession
  • October – Walls for the Lonely
  • November – Between Countries: Immigration Center
  • December – Recording Memories

Project #3: Renovating a house in a low-income area in Springfield, Missouri. This project will include landscape design, hiring contractors, design/build, involving the Springfield community, applying for grants/tax credits, and recording everything here as well. I want to keep the design and construction world an open book.

These three Projects are probably enough to keep me busy for a while!

Feel free to scroll down to read the introduction to my spankin’ brand new blog. Thanks for stopping by, subscribing, and/or leaving a comment!


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