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A Discussion

As I begin to search for blogs similar to mine (to compare notes and connect with like-minded individuals) I am finding a similar theme. A heated discussion about job loss, retiring architects, positive thinking vs. reality, and in general this recession that has no end in sight.

Take for example this blog post I thought inspiring, especially for someone like me starting something new and taking my life/career/motivation/design challenges into my own hands: “Dear Unemployed Architects: You Have Been Given a Gift” This is a list of ideas, a brainstorm if you will, for ways to utilize free time to reanalyze priorities. Personally, I liked the list. But, there were a few young architects who were like “What! How am I supposed to pay my bills!” They may be a couple of Negative Nancy’s with good reason, but they had some valid points. All I have to say to them is that there are other jobs out there for the time being, it doesn’t have to be in the field of architecture. There is a bunch of freelance graphic design jobs online, which is what I did to support myself for a year. I also became a server at a restaurant. Oh, the things I said to myself while mopping the floors… (“I am way too overqualified to be doing this!” “If only my professors could see me now.” “Why did I go to school again?”) In all sincerity, I truly appreciated my minimum wage job. It puts things into perspective. It also gave me some space in my mind to dream, think, design, breath, and just take a break from the world of architecture. I needed it.

The next blog is about a discussion that took place on Archinet. “Out with the old…” I found to be humorous. I mean, seriously, graduate architects who think they are just as qualified as a 60+ architect who has seen many, many projects from start to finish. I am not that arrogant. Although the title of this blog might prove otherwise… I also liked how this generation of young architects are considered ‘teamplayers’. I find truth in this label, as I have recently emailed a few of my colleagues that are also looking for a job, hoping to find some help. And, yes, they gave me some links and tips to help the job search.

The final blog I am going to write about is called “Why architecture students and recent graduates are lucky” The post may be more than a year old, but it’s still relevant, especially with this topic. I never thought about the perspective of someone in their 50’s, 40’s, or 30’s loosing their job. As a graduate architect looking to become certified in the next three years… I first need the experience to even be qualified! OK, I guess I could start taking the tests now.

The recession is a messed up situation, and there are going to be some raised voices, people are going to get hurt. I genuinely want to know what you think about any of these viewpoints. Do you think, as unemployed young architects, we are “lucky”? Is our unemployment a “gift”?


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